OPOS in Instapot -- Bitter gourd sweet and sour curry - kakarakaya pulusu

I found this amazing way of cooking by accident. Never heard of this way before. I like the way it simplifies cooking without any compromise in taste. In fact i feel that when i use this way i think taste is much better.

Art of OPOS is more on layering and cooking with less water. Advantages i found
1. No need to spend time in kitchen (esp if you are using Instapot )
2.Less number of dishes to clean
3. Perfectly cooked
4.Less time to prepare food ( literally most of the recipes takes ~10 mins)

Do try this method once.

Bitter gourd pulusu  -- Andhra style

i used a 3qt instant pot

5-6 medium sized bitter gourd chopped  - yeilds 1-2 cups
  1 large onion sliced
  1 tomato
  2 green chillis slit lengthwise
  2-3 tbsps thick tamarind paste
  1" ginger chopped
  10-12 curry leaves
  3/4th tsp red chilli pwd
  1 tsp besen powder/senagapindi 
  1/4 tsp turmeric powder
  2 tsps grated jaggery or sugar
  oil as required

in your instant pot add following

Layer 1 : 2tsp water and 2 tsp sesame oil , curry leaves

Layer2: onions , tomatoes  , slit green chilli

Layer3 : chopped bitter gourd pieces( marinated in salt and turmeric)

Layer 4 : 1tsp basen , salt, chili powder, tamarind, jaggary

do not mix anything.

close the lid and keep vent sealed

select STEAM operation and set Time as 5 mins

your instapot will take 4-5 mins to go to 'ON' then before it starts timer.

after cooking id done ,do a Quick release

open the lid, Mix well add water as needed