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my lunch box

>> Monday, April 30, 2012

my lunch box today

califlower ,carrot and peas curry with rice. Yes its 3/4 curry and 1/4 rice.

I was following this kind of less carbs and more veggie diet from past 1 month. I noticed considerable improvement in strength and fitness.

califlower ,carrot and peas curry

califlower - 2 cups chopped
Carrot -1/2 cup chopped
Peas - 1 cup chopped
onions -1/2 cup chopped
Green chillies to taste
Ginger chopped -2 tsp

1tsp oil
1tsp chanadal
1 tsp urad dal
3/4 tsp mustered seeds(avalu)
3/4 tsp jeera
1 or 2 red chillies

1.heat 1tsp oil in a pan , add all the seasoning ingredients.
2.when seasoning splutters ,Add  green chilles and ginger ,curry leaves
3. Add all chopped vegetables
4. add salt 
5.switch stove to medium ,Close the the pan with a lid ,if available place a bowl with water on the lid

after 10 mins ,switch off the stove

enjoy with rice!

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