Tomatillo Dal

I never used to buy Tomatillos till i read somewhere that they have a tangy flavor. I love tangy flavors.
Raw mango Dal is my favorite ,but here in US i hardly find them firm and sour. So decided to give this a try. Moreover i believe in  'Eat Local' ,so this is one in my series of experiments with local veggies.

This became regular at my house now ,as it blends into Dal so well !

Tomatillo Dal :

Tomatillos  : 3 or 4 depending on how sour  you want your dal
Green chillies :  2 or 3 ( i use thai pepper ,so i use sparing as they are very hot)
curry leaves  a few (optional )
Cilantro  : handful  for garnish
Toor dal   1 cup

1 tsp oil /ghee  (ghee is best ,but if you want to go vegan ,use any vegetable oil/sesame oil)
1/2 tsp urad dal
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 tsp jeera (my mom does not add jeera to dals,but i like it)
1 red chilli chopped
pinch of hinge

1.Boil Dal in a cooker and keep aside.
2.Cut all Tomatillos into 4 parts
3.Add  1/4 cup water Tomatillos ,Green chillies and salt and heat in medium setting covered with lid.
.let tomatillos become very tender ,so that they are mashable.
 Stir in between ,so that they won't burn.
4. now add mashed Tomatillos and dal and keep on low heat
5.Prepare seasoning. for seasoning heat oil/ghee ,once its heated add urad ,mustered, jeera and red chillies.
once they splutter then add hinge.
add curry leaves to seasoning and pour this to dal.
6.Add cilantro

enjoy with rice or roti.