Beerakaya popu karam/ Ridge gourd masala

This is one of my mother-in law 's recipes , another traditional andhra dish.

We cook ridge gourd in different ways. This one goes really well with flat bread or rice.

Don't get scared by red hot color. Got this color by red chilles bought in a Mexican store.

they added lovely color ,without adding super hotness.

Beerakaya /ridge gourd -  2 cups chopped into one inch pieces

onions - chopped 1 cup

for masala

coriander seeds  - 1/2 tsp

urad dal /minapa pappu - 1tsp

chana dal / senaga pappu  1 tsp

mustered seeds /avalu - 1tsp

cumin /jeelakarra - 1tsp

elachi /cardamon - 3 or 4

Cinnamon /dalchina  - 1 inch piece

cloves / lavangam - 3 or 4

red chillies - 4 or 5 ( based on how hot you want ,added some Mexican type which gave good color to the dish)


heat 1 tsp oil on a pan ,keep in medium flame

add all the masala ingredients above and fry for a min.

stir with a spoon in between ,so that it won't burn.

switch off the heat once they are all fried

 now transfer those to a grinder ,remove excess oil and grind it to coarse powder.
in the same pan ,add another tsp oil and beerakaya/ridge gourd pieces ,onions ,add salt and mix well.

keep it on medium heat and cover with a lid.

This will become so much watery like shown below.

then remove the lid and cook for 2-3 mins

now add the grounded powder to this and mix well.

cook on low heat for few mins

switch off the heat and  garnish with coriander.

You can use same process for cabbage / cauliflower /Eggplant / Bottle gourd or Sorakaya