cucumber dal ,My lunch box

This is simple and comforting food i love to eat on a rainy evening. Hot pipping dal with rice is a great comforting food.

What's needed

toor dal or red lentil - 1 cup
cook lentil in a pressure cooker

cucumbers - 4 ,peeled and cubed
green chillies -2 or 3
tamarind paste 1or 2 tsp

seasoning :

oil -1 or 2 tsp
Mustered seeds - 1tsp
Cumin seeds - 1tsp
red chilles - 2or 3
urad dal -1 tsp
hing a pinch
turmeric -1/4 tsp

heat 2 tsp of oil in a skillet
add all the seasoning ingredients except hing.
when they start spluttering add hing &turmeric
now add green chilles ,chopped cucumbers
add 1/2 cup water and salt and tamarind paste.
cook covered till cucumber pieces and soft.

now add cooked dal to this.

garnish with cilantro and enjoy with Rice or  roti