califlower popu karam /Gobi masala

I tasted this first time after my marriage. My mother-in law is a great cook. I normally cook cauliflower with tomatoes  or plain. But this combination of adding these grinded spices to califlower is  awesome.
try this you will know ,how different this tastes from your regular curry. This is simple dish is good with rice or with roti or even as bread spread.

this is a traditional andhra dish ,this name 'popu' means tadka/seasoning  ingredients along with 'karam' means red chillies) are grounded  and added to cooked cauliflower.

for masala
coriander seeds  - 1/2 tsp
urad dal /minapa pappu - 1tsp
chana dal / senaga pappu  1 tsp
mustered seeds /avalu - 1tsp
cumin /jeelakarra - 1tsp
elachi /cardamon - 3 or 4
Cinnamon /dalchina  - 1 inch piece
cloves / lavangam - 3 or 4
red chillies - 4 or 5 ( based on how hot you want)

Cauliflower chopped into florets -  1 cup
onions chopped 1 cup


preparing masala:
heat 1 tsp oil on a pan ,keep in medium flame
add all the masala ingredients above and fry for a min.
stir with a spoon in between ,so that it won't burn.
switch off the heat once they are all fried
 now transfer those to a grinder ,remove excess oil and grind it to coarse powder.

in the same pan ,add another tsp oil and cauliflower florets ,onions
add salt and mix well.
keep it on medium heat and cover with a lid.
stir in between if needed.
cook well till these veggies become tender( cauliflower should become soft and fork mashable)

now add the grounded powder to this and mix well.
cover it will lid and cook on low heat for few mins

switch off the heat and  garnish with coriander.