Nuvvu pacchadi (til /sesame seeds chutney)

Sesame seeds are my favorite ! i use them in most of my dishes. Consumption in moderate quantity is good for skin .Sesame oil is the one of the good massage oils ,good for winter use.Topping your dal/ rice or curry with  a spoon full of roasted  and grinded sesame seeds gives them a great flavor .

Nuvvu pachhadi /sesame seeds chutney -This is a traditional andhra brahmin way ,this chutney  is prepared to go with vada/garelu ( lentil fritters) on abdikam events . It tastes so good with  'garelu' we just used to eat that instead of rice and other dishes.

 Its even good to go with dosas / idil or rice. you can prepare and store in a air tight container for a week in fridge.

 You need

1 cup sesame seeds
1/4 cup grated jaggery (adjust to your preference)
3-4 tsp of tamarind paste ( reduce if you are using store brought ones)

1 tsp methi/ fengeek seeds
1 tsp mustered seeds
1 tsp coriander seeds
5-8 red chilles (dried red peppers)
1 tsp oil.
salt to taste
hing - pinch
preparation : a pan roast sesame seeds till they turn to golden brown.
transfer them to a plate and let them cool .

2.  now add 1 tsp oil to the pan . once oil is hot add mustered,methi ,coriander seeds,red chillies ,fry for couple of mins. keep stirring and take care not to burn them

grind this to fine powder 

3.add hing ,salt and sesame seeds,tamarind paste, jaggery.
add little water if needed and grind it.

garnish it with curry leaves.

Sesame chutney is ready! enjoy with hot  idli's ,dosas or vadas

When i saw Akhila hosting event of dishes starting with N , i don't have to think twice.. N for my fav Nuvvulu ,This is my entry to Akila 's kitchen dish name starts with 'N'