Rasam ( indian tamato soup) under 10 mins

Rasam or  sambhar or any any stew is a must in out house. My grandmother used to make a very great tasing rasam  ,my mom call's it as 'madhura rasam' . Well i don't know what the significance of that name ,but it was one super tasting rasam.

I heard many  ask whats difference between rasam and a sambhar. Well i say taste them ,you will know.

I always have rasam powder handy. i prepare it once in a month or so. If you have rasam powder handy ,rasam preparation will be almost instant

Rasam powder :

1/4 cup dhaniya
1/2 cup  cumin seeds
3-5 tsp of black pepper (increase black pepper if you want it hot)
1 twig of curry leaves

optional :
1/2 cup of chana dal
1/4 cup of toor dal 

dry roast all above ingredients and grind them to powder. Traditionally they are kept under sun and then were grounded thru hand mill.

store in a air tight container

Tomatoes - 2  (more ripe ,more tasty. Don't use unripe ones)
Cilantro - handful
tamarind water - Soak tamarind in water for few min. Then squeeze tamarind so that you get pulp

1 tsp mustered
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp ghee (ghee is best for seasoning,it gives nice aroma and flavor)
curry leaves - 4-5


Take  ripe tomatoes, and mash it  or squeeze with hand.  If you use knife etc, the texture of rasam will not be good.  so do this by hand.

add 1/2 cup of water , few leaves of cilantro and tamarind water and salt.

heat it on medium ,till it boils.

now add Rasam powder ,and 1 cup water.

Prepare seasoning

Heat 1 tsp of ghee ,add 1/2 tsp mustered seeds,cumin seeds ,chopped red chiles .

when they start to splutter add Asafoetida and curry leaves.

pour this on 'rasam'.