south indian style mango chutney /Mamdi kaya tokku pachhadi

Mangos are my favorite fruit. Raw or ripe what ever i eat them. This year i miss them.
 I like 'banginapalli' or 'rasalu' variety. But here in Portland not able to find any. Alphanso is not my favourite anyway.

In Asian store i bought some green mangoes. But they were not sour as i expected.

My mother used to prepare many types of chutneys. Almost everyday different one. When green mangoes are abundant she prepares this one or some times a different version .

This goes very well with rice.

Mango Chutney

1 firm green mango, pealed, skinned and chopped or grated

cilantro hand full

1 tsp oil/ghee
1tsp mustered seeds /avalu
1tsp fengreek seeds / methi
1/2 tsp urad dal /blackgram dal
1/2 tsp dhaniya /coriander seeds
Red peppers to taste
Asafoetida/hing  a pinch

salt to taste


1.Heat oil in a skillet and add all the base ingredients except Asafoetida. it should be added at end once the seeds are roasted

2. remove this from skillet ,transfer this to mixer/grinder jar  .Add salt and grind this base,no need to add water.

3. now add chopped or grated mango pieces ,cilantro and grind again. Add little water if needed.

Mango chutney is ready.