Vankaya masala(Spicy eggplant in tomato gravy)

when i saw this Dish it Out Event Announcement-Eggplant & Tomatoes  i remembered this gravy that my mother-in-law prepares. One of the yummy dish that goes very well with rice.

Eggplant with peanuts and sesame seeds is a classic combination.  Tomatoes adds enough tangibleness that makes this finger licking good. For this i got small green eggplants from thai market purple ones can also be used.

eggplants -7 yo 8
Tomatoes -2

Grind :

peanuts -1/2 cup
sesame seeds - 1/4 cup
coriander seeds - 2 tsp
urad dal - 2 tsp

red chiles - 3 or 4
coconut  shredded - 3tsp

roast all the above separately ,and grind into fine paste

How to proceed :
slit  eggplants  like shown here

fill the grind powder into eggplants like this

cut tomatoes to very small pieces

heat 2-3 tsp oil in wide pan with thick bottom.

add stuffed eggplants and chopped tomatoes.

add remaining paste and 1/2 cup water.

keep on medium flame and cover the pan with lid and cook for 5-10 mins

stir in between so that it won't get burnt

garnish with cilantro and enjoy. 
Vankaya masala

This is my entry to this event dish it out event with eggplant by vardhini,hosted by pavani