minapappu pachadi/Urad dal chutney

Uraddal chutney is another signature andhra dish. This was not as popular as kandi pachhadii /toordal chutney
This one is prepared in evenings to go with rice. Traditionally this chutney with rice and topped with ghee  will take you down into memory lane
 you can prepare and store in a air tight container for a month in fridge.

You need

 set 1 
cup urad dal/Mianapa pappu

1/4 cup grated jaggery (adjust to your preference)

3-4 tsp of tamarind paste ( reduce if you are using store brought ones)

Set 2
1 tsp methi/ fengeek seeds

1 tsp mustered seeds

5-8 red chilles (dried red peppers)

1 tsp oil.

salt to taste

hing/astofodia- pinch

preparation :

1.in a pan roast urad dal with 1tsp oil till they turn to golden brown.

transfer them to a plate and let them cool .

2.  now add 1 tsp oil to the pan . once oil is hot add mustered,methi  seeds,red chillies ,fry for couple of mins. keep stirring and take care not to burn them

grind this to fine powder

3.add hing ,salt and tamarind paste, jaggery.

add little water if needed and grind it.

4. Now add urad dal and grind. Take care not to grind too smooth. You should be able to see urad dal pieces

garnish it with curry leaves.
enjoy this with hot rice and a tsp of ghee

this is my entry to tiffincarrier antiques cooking with seeds june 2012 event  and  Priya's event announcement.