Kichidi (rice and lentils porridge)

Kichidi is the best comfort food. After an exhausting day at work or any day where i feel like i'm not having enough energy this is what i cook. Hot Hot kichidi on a cold evening makes a great dinner . Even tastes better when accompanied with a papad and chutney or pickle

This is a protein rich dish with some carbs and also lots of veggies. Reduce amount of rice and top it with veggies in on diet

1/2 cup rice (i used jasmin rice,this very works well kichidi)
1/2 cup split mung beans /green gram dal
1/4 cup toor dal /Red lentils(optional)
1/4 cup chan dal / chick pea lentil
2-4 thai Peppers (Any hot pepper will work)
Ginger chopped finely -1 tsp
garlic 1 tsp (optional)
2-3 Tbsp Oil
1/2 Tsp cumin Seeds
1/2 tsp black peppers (go light on this ,adjust to spice level)
1 to 2  Tb Sp. paprika
1/2 tsp garam masala
1 Tbsp Turmeric
2 Cups chopped vegetables -   like  Potatos,  Peas,  Eggplant, , Cauliflower or Broccoli  florets,  Carrots , any squash ,corn)
 Greens such as spinach (experiment with your greens..)


1tsp ghee

Wash Rice and Dals
Heat Oil and Add Cumin seeds,black pepper let it crackle.
add chopped green pepper,ginger,garlic
Add chopped vegetables, and rice and lentils ,salt,garam masala,turmeric
Mix it well, add 2-3 cups of water , water you add depends on type of rice you use. i like to get my kichidi mushy so i add 1:3 ratio
Cook  it in a pressure cooker or rice cooker 
Garnish with finely chopped cilantro and tsp of ghee or butter.