Bendi Sambar(Pappu Pulusu)

Bendi Sambar/Ladys Finger Sambar
Sambar is one of the most prepared dish in all south Indian states Each state has different variants and preparation methods, though the most popular one is relished from Tamilnadu State.I must quote here my MIL has very special taste in doing sambar with her delicious sambar powder.
I will be soon sharing the recipe for that sambar powder and her sambar.Most of us know and follow different methods for preparing sambar. 
But here is the one I tried doing without using any Sambar powder yet very yummy.Hence I call it as Pappu pulusu(a dal syrup:))

Not wasting much of your time to read this here is the recipe .

  1. Tamarind-lime size
  2. Thur dal-1 small cup
  3. chopped ladyfinger-5-8 slices
  4. onions-1-2
  5. tomato-1
  6. green chillies-1-2
  7. curry leaves
  8. coriander leaves
  9. chilly powder-1 tbsp
  10. salt-1 tbsp
  11. sugar-1 tbsp(optional)

For Tempering

  1. Mustard
  2. oil
  3. red chillies
  4. hing


  1. Pressure cook Thur dal and keep it aside. Don't drain of entire water 
  2. Squeeze soaked thick tamarind juice and add chopped bendi/ladysfinger slices
  3. Add turmeric,chopped green chilies, Chopped tomatoes and curry leaves and boil it for 10 min
  4. Now add chopped onions and water taken from cooked thur dal ,also add 1tbsp of  Chilly powder now
  5. Mash the dal thoroughly using a dal masher and add little water just not to have too much thickness and add this boiling contents. you can add salt accordingly.
  6. Take oil in pan add mustard,hing,red chilly and curry leaves and let them crackle.Add this to boiling sambar.

This goes well with hot rice/idly/dosa
Your Pappu  pulusu is ready...hope this will pamper your taste buds.