Gongura Pachadi/Deekenee Hemp Chutney

Gongura Leaves
Gongura is green leafy veggie which has sour taste and very prominent dish in Andhra Pradesh. There are many recipes one can do with this leaves like Gongura dal, Gongura rice, gongura pachadi, and many more.
                        Of all this one spicy pickle made with gongura leaves is really a treat for spice lovers.Well it also has equally important nutritious value along with other greens we use. This leaf is very rich in Iron , folic acid and easily to prepare too.

Here is the yummy Gongura pickle recipe.

Ingredients needed  for Gongura Pickle

  1. Gongura leaves-2 big bunches
  2. Oil- as needed to fry gongura leaves and for seasoning-(almost 5 tbsps)
  3. Hing powder- pinch
  4. Mustard seeds-3 tbsp
  5. fenugreek seeds(methi seeds)-2 tbsp
  6. Red chillies-8-10(on your choice of spice level)
  7. Onions-finely chopped small cup
  • Stem off and pluck only gongura leaves.Wash thoroughly,ensure no particles of sand exist.
  • Drain off water completely and spread on neat thin cotton cloth and dry them properly.It takes minimum 30 minutes to dry .
Frying Gongura leaves
  • Once the leaves are dried properly, in a pan heat oil and fry Gongura leaves till it turns dark black in color  you can add pinch of salt to these leaves here so that they get fried quickly.
For seasoning:
  • Now heat oil in a pan, add Mustard seeds, Fenugreek seeds, red chilies and pinch of hing powder and let them splutter, and you also notice nice aroma of fried blended spices.

  • Firstly grind all the spices  coarsely by adding needed salt.
Grinding gongura: 
  • you can either use inch mode and add the fried gongura leaves to the blended spices in your mixer.
  • if your gongura is really soft, you can just add the grinded spices &gongura and mix with a spoon/your hand.

Adding onions:
  • Slightly fry onions and you can just add to this grinded pickle paste at the last.
  • either you can also try once again inch mode of your mixer jar after you add fried onions.

Gongura Pickle