Instant Kalakand /Milk burfi /palakova

This is a quick and instant sweet ,that can be done in 15 mins. Traditionally to prepare this it would take atleast couple of hours and lots of patience. This is a instant version of that one it need only 2 ingredients

sweetened Condensed milk 1 can
ricotta cheese 1 cup
ghee /clarified butter - 2-3 tsp

optional :
sugar- 2-3 tsp (add if you want more sweet)
milk powder (optional)
elachi/cardamom - 4 or 5


any nuts chopped like pistachios or  ,almonds or cashews

How to proceed:

mix both condensed milk and ricotta cheese ,milk powder ,add sugar  if you need in large microwavable glass  bowl.

microwave for 3 mins , it will be watery. mix well and again microwave for another 3 mins.

this mixture starts to boil ,and raises.

 Mix well and again microwave for 2 mins. you need to continue this process till all the water is gone ,and it becomes thick and you can see oil oozes.

take a plate apply ghee on that ,pour above mixture on that.

let it cool. then cut into desired shapes. Garnish with nuts