Ragi Mudde/ragi sankati

Ragi Ball/Millet Flour Balls
Millet flour/Ragi powder very healthy and one can make many recipes easily with this.

  1. Millet flour/Ragi powder-1 cup
  2. Water- 2cups
  3. salt- 1tbsp

For temper:

  1. Oil/ghee-1 tbsp
  2. black pepper- 1 tbsp
  3. cumin seeds-1 tbsp
  4. curry leaves-small bunch


  • Take round bottomed vessel, add water and 2 tbsp of ragi powder, salt and boil till you  notice it becomes like thick syrup. ensure no lumps while adding powder.
  • Now add rest of ragi flour and just push it down and do not stir at this moment. you can start pushing dry flour you see down with a spoon and cook on low flame for about 5 minutes. Take off the heat and mix it well with the help of wooden spoon.
  • Add oil/ghee in a small pan, add pepper,jeera curry leaves and let them crackle. you can add this to the softened thick ragi flour. 
  • Now you can make round balls by adding little oil/ghee to your palms.

You can taste them with sambar/any spicy chutney/pickle and also onion rasam which you see in my image.
Ragi Balls