Stuffed Bitter Gourd/Gutti kakarkaya curry

Bitter Gourd  a vegetable that has very high rank in nutritious facts which cant be ignored, though the bitterness of this bitter gourd turn some away.If cooked properly with needed taste supplements it can serve as delicious recipe too:)
Well I had many experiments too with this vegetable in my early days of marriage instances where experiments failed badly .Thanks to my Mom who helped me with some good recipes like pickle, stuffed bitter gourd, Onion garlic gravy  with this vegetables.

Here is the recipe for this stuffed Bitter Gourd/Karela.

  1. Bitter gourd- 2/3  (accordingly). we generally get big size gourds in Bangalore which is really not the ideal for stuffing, you get real small size gourd in Andhra and some parts which tastes much better.
  2. Tamarind-1 big lemon size
  3. coriander seeds-1 small cup
  4. Ground nut- 1 cup
  5. split bengal gram/chenna dal-1/2 cup
  6. red chillies-5/6
  7. garlic pods-5/8 pods
  8. Onions-1/2
  9. Salt-1 tbsp(adjust)
  10. Coriander- bunch
  11. oil- accordingly

For stuffing: Take pan and dry roast groundnut,split bengal gram/chenna dal ,coriander seeds(dhaniya),red chillies,garlic and grind them in mixer jar by adding salt accordingly.

  • Cut bitter gourd making slit so that its convenient for stuffing.
  • Now in frying pan fry these bitter gourds till they turn slightly reddish colour.
  •  squeeze soaked tamarind and extract 1 cup thick tamarind juice.
  • Once bitter gourds/kakarkaya becomes cool do your stuffing with the powder you prepared. you can just add little oil to the powder while stuffing so that it gets easily sticks to bitter gourd while stuffing.
  • Now in pressure pan, add little oil, chopped onions,coriander leaves and saute them for minute. Now add thick tamarind juice and stuffed bitter gourd, powder you prepared and close the pressure pan and cook for 5-10 minutes till you get nice aroma.
  • You can also add little water  to this while cooking accordingly but ensure the gravy is thick.

Stuffed Bitter gourd/Kakarkaya