masala garelu /Chana dal vada / chitti garelu

When we were kids ,my mom while coming back from work used to get something daily.
first question to my mom when she she comes home was -- ' emi techhavu' meaning 'what you got' ,that because she used to get something daily  , fresh fruits or these kind of savory items ,some times chocolates or toys.

This is a  street food.Very crispy  and tasty.
vendors make 'punugulu'  with leftover idly batter and this one freshly grounded batter. she used to get both varieties .At home we normally make with urad dal  for festivals etc. but this one is not a regular. 

Best part is its easy to make than urad dal /black gram ones

Chana dal  / Bengal gram dal  (senaga pappu in telugu )  can be a good food for people with diabetes because it has a low glycemic index



    split Chick peas(chana dal/senaga pappu)   - 2 cups
    Onion - 1 (large)
    Ginger - Small piece
    Green chillies - 4 -5
     garlic -  1/2( optional)
     cloves - 3 or 4  (optional)
     Cinnamon - 1 inch(optional)
    Salt to taste
    Oil for deep frying

Optional ( I like adding  greens)
Spinach - chopped finely - 1/2 cup
cilantro - c hopped finely - 1/4 cup or handful


Soak the chana dal for 4-5 hours. Grind it into coarse batter adding minimum water required , the batter should be thick enough as shown below

you can use food processor ,Unlike urad dal you don't need this to be fine grounded.

Add green chillies and ginger ,garlic ,cloves and Cinnamon while grinding

 Now add chopped onions,spinach ,cilantro  ,red chilli powder ,pinch of baking soda and salt to the batter
 Take a deep frying vessel and add enough oil for deep frying.

 Take a small sized batter and flatten it with your palms on a plastic sheet

  Drop this into oil and fry till golden brown.

  transfer it to plate covered with napkin( tissue paper) ,so that extra oil will be removed from the dumplings

serve this with green chutney.

This is my entry to   my legume love affair ,hosted by priya   and susan